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             Underwriter Update.

The Christchurch earthquakes have become the third largest insurance event in history. Already claims have reached $40billion. The subsequent upheaval and changes in the market have now seen all insurers dramatically increasing their premiums.

To reduce the impact of these changes for our clients, we are now close to finalising a new international insurance facility with competitive premiums that will provide the same superior Pro-Sure cover. So watch this space. In the interim we have alternative covers for all new business and insurance renewals. Whilst these alternative policies may not have all of the Pro-Sure benefits they are among the best policies available in New Zealand.

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What Is The Right Policy For You?
Policy Apartment House
Max A comprehensive Rental Property Insurance policy which provides unequalled protection for NZ based rental properties.
Essential A budget policy that provides comprehensive Rental Property Insurance Particularly suited to properties up to 140 square meters.
BC max Comprehensive Rental Property Insurance for Flats and Apartments in a Body Corporate situation.  
Pro A “Top Up Rent Loss” policy to stand along side your normal house insurance policy.

The policies are landlord specific policies created to offer the greatest protection available for residential rental properties and are available through property managers.

Products in the Pro-Sure Insurance Program:

Pro-Sure Max
This is a comprehensive policy, which combines conventional homeowners insurance with Pro-Sure Pro (landlord risk) to give comprehensive cover. No other insurance cover is required.
This eliminates disputes between two different insurers over who should pay for a loss.

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Pro-Sure Essential
This comprehensive policy provides protection for Loss of rent as well as 100% replacement cover for the dwelling, contents and more. The cover is particularly suited for properties up to 140 sqm, or in case of multiple properties on one site.

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Pro-Sure Pro
This is a top up policy, which can be used in conjunction with any other house-owners policy. It provides a broad range of cover for risks associated with being a landlord, covering such items as sudden and accidental damage to the rental dwelling, gradual damage and rent arrears, among a list of other benefits.

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Pro-Sure Max For Body Corporate
This comprehensive policy is designed to cover apartments.
Under the Unit Titles Act 1972, the Body Corporate must arrange insurance cover for fire, sudden and accidental damage. The Body Corporate’s policy will not provide cover for malicious damage, burglary, and theft or rent losses by tenants.
This policy is very similar to the Pro-Sure Max cover but excludes sudden and accidental damage claims for the house.

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Advice. All landlords policies come with 60 minutes per year free advice from The Conveyancing Shop. Any consultation beyond the free time is chargeable, but a discount will apply for Pro-Sure clients.
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