I live overseas. Can I get cover for my rental property in NZ?
Yes, we have quite a few overseas clients, ex-patriots or foreign nationals that are insured via Pro-Sure. We can only insure properties located in New Zealand.

Do I need to stay with a property manager?
It is desirable to stay with your property manager to ensure your cover is maintained. Please advise any change of property management status.

I don’t have a property manager. Can I still obtain Pro-Sure Insurance?

I have a furnished apartment. Can I insure the furniture?
Contents are automatically covered for up to  $20,000, additional cover available if required. The additional contents need to be specified in the Tenancy Agreement. There is no cover unless the additional contents are recorded. (Refer to the policy contents section for details about the contents insurance).

I suspect that the tenants are engaged in illegal activity at the tenanted premises. What should I do?
If you have reasonable grounds to suspect the tenants are breaking the law, inform the police and if you need more help with the claim for termination contact the Conveyancing Shop.

Must I have a bond and is the bond taken into account for claims purposes?
You must charge a bond and it should preferably be the 4 weeks maximum you can require the tenant to pay.

Can an older house be insured under Pro-Sure?
For insurance of houses built pre-1945 a questionnaire is required. A builder’s inspection report may be needed as well as a recent electrical compliance certificate issued by a qualified electrician. Special conditions may also apply. Cover for houses built pre-1945 will be referred to the Insurer for approval. Recent photos of the property are also required.

The tenant has died or has been killed. What happens next?
It does not happen often and it depends on the facts. Contact the Conveyancing Shop and get help with the answer to this one.

Can I wait till the end of the tenancy to claim for accumulated damages caused during the tenancy?
This is not recommended. If the damage cannot be logically linked to the same event, then excesses may be applied to each event forming the claim. If the damage can be attributed to “just one” event however, then a single excess will be applied. When a claim arises, the Insurer normally appoints an independent assessor who will determine what excess will apply. Furthermore, the assessor will require copies of the written inspection reports to verify condition, age and what action has or should have been taken since the inspection.

To make a claim for rent arrears, is there a specific process that I should follow?
In order to succeed with a claim for rent arrears, you must follow a rent arrears protocol to minimise rent loss. The protocol is set out in the policy. Please read it and follow it. In addition you will need to provide a copy of the tenancy agreement and any relevant ten-days notice and a 14-days rent arrears property inspection. If the claim covers rent lost after the date of termination and up to actual possession, you will need to verify the dates with a letter or if the bailiffs conducted the eviction, then a copy of the bailiff’s documentation.

Some policies only cover malicious damage. What does this policy cover?
Sudden and accidental damage, malicious and gradual damage and other risks outlined in the policy.

Can I insure my beach or holiday house that is rented out occasionally?

My property is rented out to Bookabach / Airbnb.  Can I insure it?
Yes we have a specific policy for Airbnb and other short term rentals.

Does it make any difference whether my tenant is on a fixed term or periodic tenancy?
It may make a difference to your claim for rent arrears. If you are not sure, contact the Conveyancing Shop for help.

What type of properties can be covered by Pro-Sure?
Pro-Sure can provide cover for any residential dwelling, be it a standalone house, flat or apartments.

Can I claim for rent arrears before I have a Tribunal order?
You will need an order of the Tribunal to evidence your rent loss.

I’m new at this and need help. How can I get help?
Contact the Conveyancing Shop by phoning 09 638 6969 or email tenancy@conveyancingshop.co.nz to get assistance. You are entitled, as of right, to 60 minutes advice per year.

What type of cover is available?
For full details of available policies, click here.

Pro-Sure: this cover offers full comprehensive protection for sudden, accidental malicious, burglary or theft and rent losses. The house is insured for a sum insured based on rebuilding costs, whilst the contents are insured for $20,000 standard, but this can be increased to $100,000 maximum. This policy would replace any existing house or contents insurance no need to have any other insurance on your rental property or rental contents.

Pro-Sure for Body Corporate: This cover is very similar to the Pro-Sure policy except that Sudden and Accidental damage for the house is not insured as this is already covered under the Body Corporate Insurance. There are other minor differences as well, refer to the policy wording.

All our landlord’s policies have built-in liability cover, defence cost and legal consultation support. This unique advisory service has years of practical experience available on-tap for our policy-holders as part of their Pro-Sure policy.