Case studies
“I thought I had a comprehensive insurance policy! My tenants left having damaged the property and owing rent. The final bill was $23.000 and the policy did not pay out.”

“I purchased a landlords policy that I thought gave me full protection. However when I came to claim for loss of rent due to abandonment by the tenant, I discovered that my policy only covered loss of rents when there had been malicious damage to my property. I now have a Pro-Sure policy and have peace of mind as I am insured properly and adequately. The moral of my story is to make sure you read the policy details and understand the cover you are purchasing.”

Malicious damage
The Pro-Sure landlord’s products provide malicious damage cover
The Pro-Sure policies cover damage done by the tenant, live-in family or guests

Some actual examples of costs that would have been covered by Pro-Sure;
“I had a tenant who thought it would be funny to put quick-set concrete into my toilets and plumbing. Apparently ‘malicious damage’ wasn’t covered by my policy. Part of the concrete floor had to be cut out to remove and replace the drains involved, all very costly and disruptive”.

“My tenant removed a load bearing wall and part of the roof caved in. The insurance company said we qualified for only $1,500 cover!”

“Out of control party guests did damage that I had to pay for, as my policy only covered tenants.”

If these landlords had our landlord cover, they would have been protected.